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Wendy Gearhart, BAS, CAP

Wendy, originally from St. Petersburg, FL, is a Florida Board Certified Addictions Professional and graduated from St. Petersburg College with a Bachelors of Applied Science with a focus in Human Services and Substance Abuse.

Wendy brings her experience from the substance abuse / co-occurring disorder field to Equulibrium® working in tandem with Dr. Faubel in the group setting. Introduced to Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) by Dr. Faubel while working as a therapist at a local substance abuse treatment center, Wendy witnessed first hand the incredible impact the horses had on the clients. Eight months later Wendy completed her BAS with Dr. Faubel as her mentor creating a program guide for EAP.

Wendy is the lead therapist for Creative Healing™ offering an onsite follow-up, creating a cohesive therapeutic bridge connecting the treatment center’s program format with Equulibrium’s®. In her spare time Wendy practices yoga, enjoys the beach and volunteers at the Equulibrium® ranch.

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